• How to apply

    If you would like your ensemble to participate at the II. International Folk Festival and Autumn Fair read the application procedure, preliminary program and complete the application form!


    Application forms are available via email at the office@ifjusageve.ro address or download it. The applications should be submitted by the 15th of August 2013.
    Each application should contain:
    • the completed application form;
    • video recording about at least one performance of the applicant via CD/DVD or online.

    Taking into consideration that there is room for only a limited number of ensembles, there will be a selection procedure organized in order to choose the most adequate performance/ensemble.
    Participating conditions are:
    • Age of the participants must be between 15 and 35 years old.
    • Ensembles should propose at least 2 folk performances (with orchestra and traditional clothing) preferably 10-15 minutes each. In case of lack of orchestra organizers accept music from CD.
    • Ensembles should bring a flag of the represented country or region.
    • In case of any other means of transportation than airplane, participants should assure their own transport for arrival and departure, including transportation expenses.
    • Folklore groups arriving by airplanes will have their transport assured by the organizers from the given airports to Saint George and back.
    • Groups must have at least one English speaking (at least intermediate level) translator/member.

    The Festival's organizers will provide:
    • 3 days accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at youth hostels;
    • 1-3 performances for every participant;
    • participation certificates;
    • official invitation letters in case of need;
    • transport from the airports to Sfântu Gheorghe and back;
    • welcome and farewell parties;
    • off-curricula programmes: sightseeing in Sfântu Gheorghe;
    • folklore dance parties.

    The Festival will not cover:
    • Extra day costs;
    • Optional tours in Szeklerland, entry fee for clubs, theatres or museums other than those included in the programme;
    • Insurance.

    Personal responsibility and health insurance are within the other obligations of the groups. First Aid and Medical Hospital will be available, medical services must be covered by the group.
    On your request, You can continue your stay. Price will be 25 Euro per day per person.

    Organizers reserve the right to change the programme of the festival.
    Once arrived in Sfântu Gheorghe groups will be given a detailed programme of the festival and each group will have a guide during the festival.


    September 19, Thursday

    - Arrival to Sfântu Gheorghe.
    - Accommodation at youth hostels.
    - Informational meeting with group leaders.
    - Dinner with other participating groups. Welcome party.

    September 20, Friday
    - Sightseeing, walking around the city centre and visiting the performance place.
    - Opening ceremony and performances.
    - Folk Dance House – Party

    September 21, Saturday
    Parade -forenoon performances of all groups in the town square
    National costume presentation.
    Festival Closing Ceremony. Folk Dance House - Party.

    September 22, Sunday
    Free programme.
    Departure of the groups.

    Download the form to complete your application:
    »» Application form