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  • Roaming in Three Chairs

    The research and presentation of Three Chairs’ history, built heritage, traditions and natural treasures is connected mainly to Balázs Orbán.

    This book addresses to those who are interested in our region, to the inhabitants of Three Chairs as well as to those who do not live in Three Chairs. It might be helpful for those who intend to enrich their local historical knowledge or wish to familiarize themselves with the hospitality and attractive landscape of this region.
    I hope that this book, which was published for the World Meeting of the Hungarians of Three Chairs strengthens our belief according to which we will be able to assume, as Balázs Orbán declares “that glorious and sublime role that the Hungarian nation played in the history of Europe.” (János Demeter – President of Covasna County Council)

    Three Chairs is located in southeast Transylvania, in the Carpathian Blend, in a natural environment with unique beauty. It is a region inhabited since several thousand years. The presence of the Hungarians in the region can be proved since the so-called “land-taking”. It happens even nowadays that the archeologists find quite often objects of the prehistoric or antique civilization, of the migration period and later periods.
    The Szeklers of Sepsi, Kézdi and Orbai Chairs settled here in the 12th century, as well as a part of the Telegd Chair Szeklers, and they created a rich and diverse culture during the centuries. This book invokes our traditions, built heritage and history, namely everything we are deservedly proud of. Nowadays we should consider the protection of our heritage a serious challenge and it is the responsibility of all of us to take care of our culture and to pass it down. If we keep this land, this land will keep us too. (László Demeter – co-author)

    Editor in Chief: László Demeter

    Graphical editing and cover design: Hanna Kolumbán

    Published by: Covasna County Cultural Center Sfântu Gheorghe, 2007