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  • Fields Music
    • Acquisition of music resource materials, their reproduction in audio and printed form;
    • Mapping and creating the music database of Covasna County;
    • Professional counseling for choruses, folk, wind and popular music ensembles, as well as for individual artists;
    • Familiarizing kindergarten children with musical instruments by taking into account the positive impact of music education.
    Margit Szélyes – szmanyika@yahoo.com

    Folk dance, safeguarding the traditions
    • Popularizing folk music and folk dance to the greatest possible extent;
    • Supplying music-dance resource materials in audiovisual and written form from the FOLK STORE of the institute;
    • Data collection and continuous contact with the data suppliers regarding the shreds of Hungarian, Romanian and Gipsy traditions;
    • Preparation, organization and evaluation of camps, folk dance meetings and courses.
    Endre Virágh - virag_endre@freemail.hu

    Cultural tourism
    • Maintenance of the county cultural event calendar;
    • Preparation of the county’s database and digitalizing its value map;
    • Keeping in touch with institutes, organizations that perform similar tasks;
    • Improvement of the availability and accessibility of cultural-tourism attractions (information and infrastructure);
    • Development of the touristic infrastructure based on our heritage attractions (for example, cultural-touristic use of built heritage);
    • Quality development of cultural and touristic products and services (for example, rural tourism, festivals, museums, cultural roads, visiting centers);
    • Creation of unique, valuable and authentic programs with great cultural and touristic attractive force;
    • Formation of esthetic environment on the site of cultural tourism.
    Zsuzsa Papp – papp_zsu@yahoo.com

    Amateur Dramatics
    • Theatrical and partner arts counseling for amateur actors of the county;
    • Organizing trainings and camps, as well as drama meetings.
    István Imreh-Marton – imrehistvan@yahoo.com

    Youth and PR
    • Establishing contact and keeping contact with national and international cultural institutes, organizations;
    • Keeping contact between the institute and different press media;
    • Compiling the content of the institute’s advertising material;
    • Editing and updating the content of the institute’s webpage;
    • Counseling for youth and youth related organizations;
    • Initiation and coordination of youth projects;
    • Popularization of voluntary work among the youth with the help of sample projects.
    Orsolya Péter – peterorsi79@yahoo.com

    Events organization, adult training
    • Professional training and continuing training of those who work in the field of culture (organization of on-demand accredited or non-accredited courses);
    • Monitoring the trainings;
    • Organizing conferences, seminars and study trips;
    • Organizing professional qualifications and accreditations;
    • Organizing cultural events (within the institute and according to individual requests).
    Tünde Nagy – tundenagy@gmail.com

    • Continuous survey of the county’s cultural life in the form of studies and articles;
    • Representing the institute at different local and national community culture meetings;
    • Initiation, organization and coordination of different cultural-educational projects;
    • Counseling for cultural and educational institutes of the county regarding socio-cultural problems;
    • Editing the content of the Romanian webpage of Covasna County Cultural Center (promoting county and national cultural offers).
    Nina Tintar – ninat@cultcov.ro

    Design, photo, fine arts
    • Design of advertising materials of cultural events (poster, flyer, banner, brochures);
    • Editing the publications;
    • Archiving and digitizing the tangible and intangible cultural values of “Three Chairs”;
    • Counseling regarding the arrangement of exhibitions;
    • Organizing child drawing applications and exhibitions.
    Hanna Kolumbán – hanah.kolumban@gmail.ro

    Tender writing, NGOs
    • Monitoring and publishing the invitations to tender and tender opportunities;
    • Applying for funds for cultural projects and events;
    • Tender related counseling;
    • Counseling during the registration of NGOs.
    István Mágori – istvan_magori@yahoo.com